"And what I want to tell you, the most beautiful thing of all, I haven't told you yet"

For the first time, the great Greek composer Thanos Mikroutsikos' music and songs travel to Sweden.

Medelhavets Produktion & Events, continuing the tributes to the great Greek creators, presents two unique concerts dedicated to the great Greek creator, Thanos Mikroutsikos. The concerts are the first to be held abroad after the death of Thanos Mikroutsikos 3 years ago (December 28, 2019).

Manolis Mitsias, one of the greatest Greek artists, Kostas Thomaidis and Rita Antonopoulou, beloved friends and collaborators of Thanos who, for years, walked by him, perform their most loved songs at the two concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden.

The three artists, three of the most important voices in Greek music take us on a PIROG to the melodic sea of KAVVADIA accompanied by many amazing and unforgettable songs such as Roza, Panda gelastoi, Luna Park, San planodio tsirco, I Agapi eine zali, Eleni, Mia pista apo fosforo, Anna min kles, Mikres Nothies, Anemologio, Thessaloniki, O Hamlet tis selinis, I Dikopi zoi, Mia palia fotografia, Atomiki mou energia, and many other unforgettable songs by Thanos Mikroutsikos. Always under the musical direction of his constant partner and "alter ego", the composer Thymios Papadopoulos.

The great Greek composer and creator Thanos Mikroutsikos set to music songs that many people loved, dreamed about, cried and laughed to and lived their lives with. His work stood the test of time and was loved by many generations. He combined the work of the great poets with music and marked the world with his creations. He succeeded in acquainting many people who sang the songs of the poets and opened a window to the world. He himself lived his life militantly and dynamically through his music, his personal life and his social contribution.

Although he will be absent, his wife MARIA PAPAGIANNI and his daughter ALEXANDRA MIKROUTSIKOU and "his colleagues who walked beside him" for many decades will attend the two concerts to honor him with all the songs that continue to accompany us and entertain us. Because, the songs will always be here, taking us on a journey.

  • Lördag 17e december 2022, Göteborg, Quality Hotel The Weaver, Göteborgsvägenv 91, 43137, Mölndal, kl. 21.00 (dörrarna öppnas kl 20.00) BUY TICKETS ONLINE

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