Municipality of Kungsbacka

Municipality of Kungsbacka

In the context of an international film tribute to Thailand, China and Greece, organized by the municipality of Kungsbacka, we organized a Greek Night. Apart from the screening of a movie, selected by the organiser, we created and accompanied the event with: 

1. The Photography Exhibition, “THESSALONIKI, YOUTH CULTURAL CAPITAL 2014”, in order to introduce the city of Thessaloniki to the Swedish public.

      (Photos from the exhibition)

We especially thank Mr. Spiros Pengas (Executive Director) for his full assistance with the material of the Exhibition.

2. Creation of a buffet for the guests, with a variety of flavours from Greece!!

3. Screening of 2 short films about Crete.

  • Crete – All the world on one island.
  • Chania -A Journey to your senses (1st video)

We thank Indigoview, namely Theo Papadoulakis and Dimitris Xenakis, for their assistance and the permission to use the short films for the promotion of Crete....

4. Dance group of Gothenburg, “Orfeas”.

We thank them for the presentation of traditional Greek dances. We especially thank the dance teacher, Fanis Markopoulos, for his assistance....

5. Ending of the Greek Night with live Greek music for the guests, dancing and partying.

We warmly thank Alexandros Kostoulas and Sophocles Poursanidis for their participation and the entertainment they offered to the guests....

View photos of the Photography Exhibition - “THESSALONIKI, YOUTH CULTURAL CAPITAL 2014”.



22 February 2018