1st tasting “Journeys in the Greece of Flavours”

1st tasting “Journeys in the Greece of Flavours”

A Greek taste experience

Now that I have rented premises in the Greek Community, I have the pleasure to invite you to a journey full of taste through Greece!

The famous and prominent entrepreneur and chef Despoina Mavrommati will lead us to the traditional Greek flavours of Christmas and not only. The journey goes through destinations such as Greek Cappadocia, passes from Istanbul, crosses Thrace and reaches Macedonia Greece (Thessaloniki).

The famous chef will chat with us, with suggestions for dishes that you can prepare for New Year's table and discussion on how we can use the Greek products and significantly support the Greek companies that are experiencing a relentless pressure.


Starter: Kete, stuffed bread from the Greek Cappadocia.

Dish: Manti, homemade pasta, stuffed with flavourful beef, seasoned with garlic and oregano in meat broth.

Salad: Politiki (from Greeks who inhabited Constantinople or often referred to as "Poli") with cabbage, carrot and a mystery Greek sauce with secret ingredients, to add a touch of magic….

Main dish: Pork with Plum - a traditional dish from Thessaloniki, served with rice. For those who do not eat pork, chicken is also offered.

Dessert: chocolate pie or Vasilopita stuffed with caramelised almonds and tahini (sesame paste).

Who is Despoina Mavrommati:

Despoina Mavrommati studied music at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and then organ in London and the United States. She started working in the kitchen when needed: in the university's kitchen in England and in the organisation of the Greek Community’s kitchen in the United States. After her studies, she returned to Greece. In 1990 she opened “Zithos”, her first brewery and restaurant, which was innovative at the time. In 1995, she opened the second restaurant “ Zithos in Ntore”, in one of the most historic parts of Thessaloniki. In 2012 she opened “Wine and Olives” in Wroclaw, which is her first business abroad.




Venue: Greek Community


02 October 2018


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