A unique concert with Dimitris Mpasis and a tribute to Mikis Theodoraki's 90th anniversary (1925-2015)

A unique concert with Dimitris Mpasis and a tribute to Mikis Theodoraki's 90th anniversary (1925-2015)

Mediterranean culture presents the Greek artist Dimitris Mpasis for the first time in Sweden. A unique evening and a performance that takes us on a musical journey in Mikis Theodoraki's life and work. As a tribute to the famous composer, who is 90 years old, we make a musical recital and present the songs that characterize his career. Through his songs we also get acquainted with the great Greek poets Elytis, Ritsos, Seferis, Livaditis.
Guide to our trip is Dimitris Mpasis, one of the foremost in the new generation of Greek singers. Theodorakis himself has described him as one of the most skillful Greek folk songs, which has also led to many collaborations between the two artists.

During the second part of the concert, Dimitris Mpasis will bring forth well-known songs from his own discography, which gave a glimpse of the Greek music scene - songs that he performed in a particular way, which has made him one of the most important voices in the Greek folk music lately. Among other things, we will listen to the songs "I zoi", "Psithyroi kardias", Chamopoulia "," Spasmeno karavi ". During this part of the concert Mpasis will also sing songs of the unforgettable Dimitris Mitropanos, including" Rosa "," Ladadika "and" S anazito trail Saloniki ".

On this music trip to Gothenburg, he has Dimitris Mitropano's former orchestra, which is now Dimitris Mpasis's regular orchestra and consists of Giannis Papazachariakis (guitar and orchestration), Giannis Sinanis (Bouzouki) and Dinos Chatziiordanou (accordion).

Do not miss the chance to experience Dimitris Mpasis unique voice and true performance during a single concert in Göteborg, Saturday, November 21, 2015 in Kronhuset.

Saturday 21 November 2015, time 19:00 (18:00 entrance)

Location: KRONHUSET, Kronhusgatan 1D, 41113, Gothenburg


Dimitris Mpasis: Vocal
Giannis Papazachariakis: guitar and orchestration
Giannis Sinanis: bouzouki
Dinos Chatziiordanou: accordion




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12 December 2018


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