Report to Greko, a performance with music and theater by Nikos Kazantzakis

Report to Greko, a performance with music and theater by Nikos Kazantzakis

The Mediterranean Production & Events continues with some events "2017, 60 years since Nikos Κazantzakis passed away" in collaboration with the production company "Ginontaierga" we present Nikos Kazantzaki's latest piece of "Report to Greko" a unique music and theater performance.

A summary of

"Report to Greko" is the author's last work. A type of autobiography like Kazantzakis describes as a "report" about his goals in life and his efforts throughout his life. Starting from his childhood to his moving story. He does not tell his entire life but presents different "stations" in his mental way. Those "stations" do not have a chronological consequence.

A demonstration by Nikos Kazantzaki's heroes from his works and his confessions (to his grandfather, known as El Greco), we meet Greece's greatness and the author's unruly spirit.

At the show is TakisChrysikakos, who plays Nikos Kazantzakis as a personality in his theater game, Georgia Dagaki, who plays his lust and singing. We travel with her wonderful voice and travel to Kazantakis homeland Crete. They talk to the authors, KapetanMichalis, Alexis Zorbas, DominikosTheotokopoulos and it is a musical theater pandemic.

In the performance of the theater, Chrysostomos Karantoniou, who plays classical guitar, participates.

The performance "Report to Greece" began its journey from Crete as the home of Nikos Kazantzaki. This created great enthusiasm and emotions. The European Parliament's cultural sector invited and presented it in Brussels. Now we have the honor and pleasure for the first time to present the same project in Sweden and Scandinavia.

The performance in Stockholm is sponsored by the Greek Culture House.

Theatrical adaptation - Executive Board: TakisChrysikakos

Co-workers - Director: EmmanouelaAlexiou

Song Options: Hainis Dimitris Apostolakis - Georgia Dagaki

Lighting: Dinos Metallides

Contributors: TakisChrysikakos

Cretan lyra - Song: Georgia Dagaki

Classical guitar: Carantoniouchrysostomos

Gothenburg, Friday, April 27, 2018

Kronhuset, kronhusgatan 1D, at 20:00

Stockholm, Saturday 28 April 2018

Greek Culture House, Idungatan 4, 19:00

Ticket price 280 kr

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More information: [email protected]


12 December 2018


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