Medelhavet Kultur aimsboth to public organizations related to culture and to the general public:

  • It undertakes, on behalf of cultural institutions, the organization and execution of the assigned event.
  • It undertakes the organization of cultural events in collaboration with cultural institutions of Sweden, such as Municipalities, Associations.
  • It undertakes the organization of complete proposals relating to the Mediterranean for hotels, companies or private events for personal significant moments.
  • It represents and promotes artists, creators and Mediterranean products in Sweden.
  • It organises events of particular cultural interest with own funds for the promotion of the Mediterranean culture. 

Organised events:

  • Exhibitions of the Mediterranean culture in all forms of art (painting, visual arts, jewellery, etc.).
  • Festivals and concerts by artists and groups of the Mediterranean in order to introduce them to the general public of the country.
  • Theatrical performances and film screenings for the promotion of the Mediterranean culture.
  • Culinary events guest chefs of Mediterranean countries, for those who want to experience the cuisine of each country, to taste and buy local products.
  • Tasting events with guest winemakers of the Mediterranean and introduction of the wine from the countries of the Mediterranean to the Swedes.