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With the strong etesian winds, melodies are swirling in the Aegean Sea and they mingle musical traditions of near and distant countries, forming undulant, gentle and erotic melodies. In the hands of the skilful Greek musicians of the Aegean ensemble, the characteristic instruments - violin, santur, laouto – produce these melodies in a unique timbre.



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Medelhavet Kultur aimsboth to public organizations related to culture and to the general public:

  • It undertakes, on behalf of cultural institutions, the organization and execution of the assigned event.
  • It undertakes the organization of cultural events in collaboration with cultural institutions of Sweden, such as Municipalities, Associations.
  • It undertakes the organization of complete proposals relating to the Mediterranean for hotels, companies or private events for personal significant moments.
  • It represents and promotes artists, creators and Mediterranean products in Sweden.
  • It organises events of particular cultural interest with own funds for the promotion of the Mediterranean culture. 

Organised events:

  • Exhibitions of the Mediterranean culture in all forms of art (painting, visual arts, jewellery, etc.).
  • Festivals and concerts by artists and groups of the Mediterranean in order to introduce them to the general public of the country.
  • Theatrical performances and film screenings for the promotion of the Mediterranean culture.
  • Culinary events guest chefs of Mediterranean countries, for those who want to experience the cuisine of each country, to taste and buy local products.
  • Tasting events with guest winemakers of the Mediterranean and introduction of the wine from the countries of the Mediterranean to the Swedes.


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The company

Medelhavet Kultur provides organization, marketing and promotion of Culture and Cultural events services, while a second area focuses on the promotion of trading companies of the Mediterranean throughout Sweden. The company is staffed by people originating from Mediterranean countries and possessthe necessary knowledge, ideas and experience to promote the Mediterranean culture through musical concerts, theatrical and artistic performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, tastings as well as through the promotion of Mediterranean origin trading products.


The vision of Medelhavet Kultur is to promote and disseminate the Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean in Scandinavia through well-organized events and productions in all forms of the arts, as well as to properly promote and present commercial products on the market.




The company's goal is to create a loyal and discerning public with a common denominator: the love for the Mediterranean culture. With the assistance of state and private agencies:

  • Immigrants adapt better to the country as they come into contact with the traditions and customs of their homeland.
  • People from the Mediterranean feel honor and familiarity seeing that their culture travels to the north.
  • Residents of Sweden come close to, become acquainted with but sometimes even get influenced by the Mediterranean culture and enrich their experiences.
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