ENSEMBLE CONSTANTINOPLE - From Versailles to Topkapi (Istanbul)

Constantinople is the story of a musical ensemble that chose the journey as its cornerstone. They here invite us to join them on a journey from the Court of Versailles to the Topkapı Palace and the Seraglio of Istanbul’s Ottoman sultans. In this concert the ensemble of Constantinople brings together contrasting yet harmonious musical traditions through remarkable arrangements and signature improvisations.


  • Kiya Tabassian: Setar, Gesang (Persian-Canada)
  • Pier-Yver Martel: Viola da Gamba (France-Canada
  • Didem Basar: Kanun (Turkey-Canada)
  • Ziya Tabassian: Tombak und Schlaginstrumente (Persian-Canada)


Mediterranean music festival 2015Ensemble Constantinople Från Versailles till Top Kapi (Istanbul)

Posted by Medelhavet Kultur i Skandinavien on Σάββατο, 30 Μαΐου 2015